TomTom - Runner 2

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The TomTom Runner 2 is a running, multi-sport and activity tracker GPS watch all rolled into one tidy, easy-to-use unit.


Technical Info
GPS - track your time, pace, distance & calories burnt
Multi-sport - train in bike, swim, run or treadmill mode
Activity tracking - Capture your steps, active minutes and calories burnt
Waterproof - 40 metres
Battery Life
GPS - 11 hours / Activity Tracking - 3 weeks
Colour Black
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Colour Purple Haze
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TomTom have improved on their already excellent Runner GPS watch by packing more features into the watch but also making the unit smaller and more comfortable. 

Technical specifications


Treadmill - Tracks speed, pace, distance, calories burnt and duration

Running - Tracks speed, pace, distance, calories burnt and duration

Cycling - Tracks speed, pace, distance, calories burnt and duration

Indoor Cycling - Tracks duration (Cadence, speed, pace and distance - through an optional cadence sensor)

Swimming - Tracks laps, distance, speed, duration, calories burnt and strokes

Freestyle - Tracks speed, pace, distance, calories burnt and duration

Gym - Tracks duration (Heart rate and calories burnt - through an optional heart rate monitor)

Activity Tracking

Activity Measurements - Steps, active minutes, distance, calories burnt and sleep

Views - Daily and weekly

Goals - Steps, active minutes, distance or calories burnt


Race - Past activities, favorites and custom

Goals - Time, distance or calories

Zone - Pace, heart rate or speed

Laps - Time / Distance / Manual

Intervals - Yes


Bluetooth® Smart

Alerts - Beep & Vibrate


Supported languages

User Interface - English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simple), Indonesian, Japanese