Monday Night Run (MNR)



The Social 5k

Location: Front Runner (296 Sharrow Vale Road)

Time: 6:25pm aiming to leave the shop for 6:30pm.

Type of Run:

The Monday night run is a social jog. We do our best to make the pace amenable for a wide variety of runners averaging around 10 minutes per mile, the usual distance for a run is 3 miles. The group size varies from 3 to 25 (this is often swayed by the weather!). We always meet in the shop and leave as close to 6.30pm as possible. 

Through the winter months we'll run around Nether Edge, Fulwood and Broomhill but as the days get longer we tend to use the Botanical Gardens and Endcliffe Park. 

The Social 5k does what it says on the tin, it's not about running off ahead. It's about enjoying being out and blowing away the Monday cobwebs.

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Image: A typical winter Monday evening shop run route


We do ask that you bring adequate weather protection. If it's raining and a howling wind please bring a warm layer, jacket and a hat & gloves. However, if it’s blisteringly hot (fingers crossed) sun cream, caps and being well hydrated are equally important. During winter we have a number of high vision vests available to those who would like one.

Who leads the run?

We do out best to send a member of staff on each Monday night run  but there are occasions when this isn't possible. Thankfully, the run has been going long enough now that there are a number of regulars who are happy to take runs.


Image: A lovely summer shop run going up through the Botanical Gardens