Salomon - Active Skin 8 Set

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Inspired by top trail runners, this spacious hydration vest is great for starting out and gives you the confidence to take on longer trails. Prioritizing comfort, the ACTIVE SKIN 8 for men is soft, snug and breathable. Let’s not forget the modular storage and strategic chest pockets for easy access to your flasks.

Technical Info
3D Airmesh shoulder straps With a construction that incorporates small cavities, 3D Airmesh panel allows enhanced air circulation.
2 front stretch pockets Expandable front pockets to store essentials you want to access on the go.
Large opening Salomon bags have a large opening to make it easy to see and store your gear.
Fast wicking fabrics Improving quick drying and moisture management, these light fabrics deliver top performance, comfort, and odor resistance.
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Stability/freedom of movement The construction uses stretch, breathable fabrics that conform to the body, and lightweight adjustments for fit and stability. The pack doesn't bounce but allows comfortable breathing. 

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This innovative sternum strap construction allows you to adjust and connect your pack quickly, even on the fly. The elastic strap also allows easy breathing during intense activity.

2 soft flasks 500ml 28 included.