Ultimate Direction - Ultra Vesta v5 Womens

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The Signature Series is updated with some great improvements. 

Ultimate Direction
Technical Info
Improved Comfort Cinch system is lighter and more mimimal which makes the pack more comfortable to wear
The cord in the Cinch system is now tied in so that it's replaceable
Storage at the front of the pack is much easier to access with bigger pockets and a stretchier entrance
Corded elastic for compression and external gear stash
Colour Signature Blue
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The Vest Series that started it all. With a capacity of 10.8L you will be able to secure all your kit for ultra marathons and fell races in a pack that sits comfortably on the back. The vest comes with two 500ml Body Bottles on the front to balance out the weight and are easy to access.

New features:

  • The Comfort Cinch system is lighter and more comfortable than before and provides a great fit. 
  • Bigger, stretchier pockets on the front. 
  • An upgraded hook and loop sternum adjustability. 
  • Lightweight 4-way stretch rip stop material for added durability.