Uyn - Community Mask

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Technical Info
Highly elastic ergonomic nose shape
Flexible and soft ear loops
Particularly dense knit at the nose and mouth
Flex ribs for a perfect fit
Size small designed for children aged 7-12
Colour Blue
Colour Black
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Ergonomic and Lightweight

The UYN® Community Mask fits perfectly around mouth and nose, sealing nicely at the edges and interrupting the airflow. The ergonomic three-dimensional shape allows you to breathe comfortably without feeling boxed in.


The three-dimensional knitted structure is more dense at the mouth and nose area: this reduces the speed of respiratory flow and droplet ejection. But the UYN® Community Mask still allows you to breathe easily, so the mask can be worn during sports activities, too.

Water Resistant

Thanks to processing with Texlyte Nano, the UYN® Community Mask is moisture-repellent. The water-repellent property of the yarn is permanent and is not affected by repeated washing. Texlyte Nano does not store moisture but dries very quickly. For pleasant wear comfort.

Washable and Reusable

The UYN® Community Mask is not a disposable product. Once purchased, the mask can be used again and again. Here it is important for the mask to be washed at 60° after every use. This is sufficient to eliminate pathogens. The mask is designed for personal use only: it should not be passed around within the family, for example.


Small is suitable for children aged 7-12