Injinji - Women's Run Lightweight No-Show

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The first Women's specific toe sock

Technical Info
Women Specific Fit
Natural Toe Splay
Blister Prevention
Superior Moisture Management
True L/R anatomical secure fit
Better gripping and balance inside shoe
Toe mobility which allows stronger, healthier feet
200 Needle Count
Arch Support
Colour Pink/Navy
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(out of stock)

The Women’s Lightweight No-Show sock is a part of Injinji’s existing Run Series designed to maximize a runner’s performance without sacrificing personal comfort. Recognizing that all feet are not the same, the Women’s toesock is designed to better accommodate a female foot, which is typically narrower than a male’s foot, with an increased heel to toe stretch. The increased two-way stretch will enable the material to better stretch across a female’s foot arch providing compression throughout the foot. The fit of the individual toe-sleeves were redesigned for a better, snugger fit throughout the toes for female wearers without any excess material.