Terrain Training For Off-Road Runners

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80 page black and white A5 booklet focussing on the different running styles and techniques needed to efficiently run over difficult terrain. 

The booklet shows you the necessary techniques and how to alter your running style to contend with running on sand, running through mud, running over heather, running through peat, running in snow, running through deep vegetation, running along narrow tracks, running along woodland trails and running on stony tracks. Also covered is how to cope with obstacles such as rutted ground, stiles and steps. 

In the final sections, the booklet shows you how to construct training sessions to improve your techniques and increase your confidence for running over rough ground along with some sample training sessions.

Stuart Ferguson

Author: Stuart Ferguson
No of Pages: 80
Page Size: 146 x 208 mm
ISBN 10: 1905444443
ISBN 13: 9781905444441
Publisher: Trailguides Ltd
Published Date: March 2011
Binding: Paperback
Illustrations: B+W photos and sketch diagrams