February.... already!

2nd February 2014

As blindingly obvious statements go this one is certainly towards the top of the pile but, unbelievably, it's February 1st. February, already? What happened to January? All I remember is that it started raining sometime around Christmas and after that it all seems to merge into one damp, amorphous blur; each new day indistinguishable from the last.


January is always the hardest training month, the initial enthusiasm lasts until the first weekend in January, and, lo and behold, the parks of London were full to bursting. The second weekend brought the only dry day of the month and the sunshine seemed to rouse people back but from then on I've noticed things getting steadily quieter. Whereas finding a treadmill at the gym meant looking on all three floors a fortnight ago, I can now be confident that I won't have to look much further than the entrance. A good thing if you don't like a man attempting a threshold run flinging sweat on everyone within a 3 meter radius but I do miss the bustle and I can't help think, imagine if people stuck at it for just a couple more weeks?

John Blog post image

Image: Derwent reservoir overflow. Amazing to see the numbers out enjoying the sun on Sunday. Walkers, cyclists, runners and ski tourers!! Yes and gentlemenon some tarmac skis.


There is research to suggest it takes 4-6 weeks to form a habit. Regardless of what change you're trying to make, stopping smoking, starting exercise, going to bed earlier, whatever, after this period of time doing/stopping the thing you want to do more/less of becomes easier, in fact it becomes natural, part of your daily routine, you wonder what you did with the time before.


The next two weeks will continue to be tough, the weather won't be improving and you may be just short of that habit forming line but rest assured the conditions will improve, the mornings and evenings will get lighter and running will become part of your daily routine. And trust me, your life will be better for it.


I saw some snowdrops this morning so spring can't be too far away...            


Trying to engrain habits...Link to  mine and Stevie's run (Edit: I only stuck with him for the first 10 miles - Steve) - http://www.strava.com/activities/110719722


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