Stepping out of your comfort zone

22nd February 2014

Where's your relative comfort zone?

I recently whizzed over to Chamonix for a trip well out of my comfort zone. I'd been very fortunate to be given the opportunity to stay and ski with some far more proficient skiers than myself, needless to say I thought I'd be holding them back. Considering I hadn't skied in a number of years I really wasn't sure how I was going to get on, I'd packed my running shoes and micro spikes as a contingency plan but I needn't have.


The 4 days skiing were totally amazing but not with out their moments, however, I wouldn't wish to change them.... I had a sense of accomplishment everyday, I learnt and improved, was with wonderful people and amongst some of the most beautiful mountains and scenery around.



Valley Blanche


These experiences are relative for each individual, it's rare to have a day in Front Runner where Mark or myself don't listen to someone wax lyrical about a race they'd completed after being encouraged by friends to quest outside their comfort zone they would never have thought was possible... The result being euphoria and a sense of overwhelming accomplishment.


It's been hugely pleasing to hear the Front Runner social runners talk in a similar way about our morning and evening social runs... Initially unsure, just popping their heads into the shop to ask us "How fast do you go?" Coming along to one run then coming back week after week for more!


There is something about pushing your comfort zone and achieving, be it a little or a lot, that is mildly addictive and I couldn't advocate it anymore.


I'm also a believer of practicing what you preach so assuming the amazing team in Chamonix would have me back I'd put myself in their hands in a flash to push that comfort zone a little more!


Do your best to get out there any have a go, you’ll never know unless you try.

front runner peaks and troughs

Experiencing some difficulties in some tricky, tracked out and heavy afernoon snow - It's important to push yourself to improve.



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