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12th August 2014

Most people that have been into Front Runner know we have regular runs going from the shop. There's our weekly Monday night run and our fortnightly trail runs. The Monday evening runs have become quite popular. It makes me really happy to say that there are a number of regulars who turn up every week rain or shine, most weeks though we have a few others turn up. Personally, I believe one of the best things about these Monday night runs is the social side, new or old everyone has a chat and gets involved.

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The trail runs are only run during the summer daylight hours, since starting though we've racked up an impressive list of locations (Abney Moor, Hallamshire Moors, White Edge, Longshaw, Burbage, Grindleford to name a few). 

Since starting, we've had a number faces join us; a semi regular has been Patrick ( he has since done a few hours work for us in the shop). He's from New York State and has been over in the UK studying for the year.  As he is off back over The Pond this weekend we asked him if he'd write a little bit about the runs he came on with us...

“Well, at least it’s not my car I’ll be getting into at the end of this” I think as I’m running through thigh-deep mud, jumping over puddles, and skipping between every dry rock I can find, I felt like a little kid again. I think I could really get used to this.

I had never been on a proper trail run before joining the Front Runner crew on one a few months ago, and needless to say I’m hooked. Coming from a road running and athletics background, I can’t say I’m ditching the tarmac, but jumping over trees, puddles, and rocks as I’m speeding down a forested hill definitely beats the monotony of everyday city running. Who knew running through head-high bushes on the edge of a moor could be so fun?

Every other Wednesday, Steve and Mark, the two masterminds behind the Front Runner trail runs invite anyone in the local community out to join them on casual running loops ranging from 5k to 15k, both starting and ending at a local Peak District pub (each run has “short” - about 5k - and “long” - about 10k - loop options, both starting and ending at the same location). Since my first muddy venture, I’ve joined groups of up to 15 for runs starting in Hathersage, Baslow and Ringinglow to name a few. Each time out, Steve and Mark have made sure the run is at a pace comfortable for everyone, helping conversations flow before settling down for a post-run pint with fellow runners.

Cars leave from the Front Runner store around 6:20pm, where you can catch a lift if you don’t have transportation, or you can meet the running group at the pre-set pub for a 6:45pm start.

As one friend of mine, Brendan, told me after a run around Baslow a few weeks ago, “I don’t think I’ve ever smiled this much running before. I just couldn’t stop laughing the whole way down the hill.” So, why not give it a try, get really muddy, and come join Steve, Mark, and all the other frequent runners on the next trail run?"

- Patrick

We'd like to thank Patrick for his help in the shop and wish him all the best in his interview with New Balance in NY State to work for them in their product development and testing  dept.



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