Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoe Review

15th August 2014

Adidas - Adizero Boston Boost 5 

The adidas Boston Marathon 3 was one of my favourite shoes - a pair with a "so bad it's good" colour scheme saw me through a few hundred miles ahead of my first open marathon in 2012 and it was one of those shoes where you think you'll be walking into running stores every 400-500 miles or so and saying, "size 11 Bostons please... no, no need to try them on", for years to come.

It came as no small disappointment when adidas updated to the Boston 4 not only did they tone down the psychadelic colour scheme (which I could have just about lived with) but they also widened the forefoot of the shoe. As a man with narrow size 11's I've always loved adidas' slimmer fit and whilst I continued to race in my adizero Adios and my adizero Feather Lights I unfortunately had to say goodbye to my Bostons as the workhorse of my shoe rack... until now.


Boston Boost 5... aka Work Horse 1 & Work Horse 2

In April I got my hands on a pair of the Adios boosts and whilst normally sceptical about "revolutionary new shoe technologies" was forced to eat my cynical words as I genuinely found them more springy and offering a better energy return than other racing flats I've tried, they continue to perform after about 350 kilometers. In light of this I was delighted to get my hands on a pair of the brand new Boston  5 boosts which, I don't think, will be out until later this month (Edit (Steve)): Wrong John -Men's  Boston Boost 5s are here now and ladies are due v.soon edit ARE AVAILABLE NOW! . They are slightly heavier than the Adios and are, like the previous Bostons, designed as a racing flat for longer distances/heavier runners or a racer-trainer for faster workouts.

Now, when it comes to the tech side of things I don't pretend to be able to offer the same level of detail that Steve does but, I knows what I like and I like these, alot. The upper (I learnt that word from Steve!) is much more minimal than previous Bostons and has considerably more stretch. There's a slightly thicker layer of EVA (I used to call it a sole (Edit(Steve)): The boost foam is actually a Thermoplastic Poly-Urethane TPU opposed to Ethelyne Vinyl Acetate EVA) than the Adios to offer a little more cushioning and a torsion plate in the sole which makes it feel a little less peppy than the Adios but makes it more of a mileage hog. Finally, the sole has the classic Continental rubber offering a more robust grip than the adios. I've worn them on a couple of tow paths and been solid as a rock but they we're a little sketchy on a recently flooded tideway but most road shoes would struggle under those conditions.


Image. A very stylish suede toe box cover gives the Boston a very cool, old school look. 


Image. Single layer of mesh fabric keeping the Boston light and vented.


So far I've done about 150 kilometers in them on a mixture of road, light trail and at the track and been remarkably impressed, for me, it's a huge return to form and I'm glad to be able to welcome the Bostons back to my regular rotation of shoes. Well worth a look for those training for an autumn race and have a good, neutral running style.



Image. adidas 3 stripe overlays and semi-rigid heel counter provide structure and integrity to the upper.


Boston Boost 5 Tech Specs.

Purpose - Road running

Weight - Men's  245g (UK 8.5) Women's tbc

Forefoot stack - 19mm

Heel stack - 29mm

Drop - 10mm

Upper construction - Very thin and well vented  Micro Fit air mesh fabric. Suede overlay on toe box

Cushioning - 55% boost foam 45% EVA

Outsole - Continental rubber outsole with a stripped down Torsion plate. 


Image. "Boston Runs as One" - Really nice piece of subtle detailing on the inside of the tongue.

As always comments are welcomed and appreciated.





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