Canterbury Half Marathon

26th August 2014

Canterbury Half Marathon Race Report

Training for the Amsterdam Marathon started in earnest three weeks ago and the Canterbury Half was an excellent opportunity to test the legs after my first block. Training had been going well but a week of over indulging on the Rioja in Spain meant that whilst I felt fit, it was never going to be a blistering time. My goals going in were to run "blind" and achieve a negative split as I've been having issues with my pacing all year, consistently going out too hard and dying in the final third of the race. To achieve this I decided to run the first 10 at goal marathon pace effort and then hit the last 3 miles home. 
In spite of some pretty poor weather I'm pleased to say I just about achieved this coming home in 73 minutes. The course is challenging with not much flat and couple of long/steep hills plus the heavy rain, combined with mud from the fields, made some of the descents a little sketchy. I set off with the pack and pulled away after about one mile focusing on a steady pace but never putting myself into the red zone - the temptation to look at my Garmin  210 was strong but I managed to resist until mile 12 and I'm really glad I did as it forced me to listen to my body more and helped me to my first negative split in a very long time. The time was perhaps a little on the slow slide but with 8 more weeks until Amsterdam I'm there or there abouts... just need to lay of the red wine!
Thanks to the team at Nice Work for putting on a great race. In spite of some pretty poor (standard?) British Bank Holiday weather it was perfectly organised and marshalled.
Next up, Swineshead 10 miler in 12 days.



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