Great Longstone Chase Fell Race Report

9th September 2014

The Great Longstone Chase Fell Race

It appears the first weekend of September is a good one if're a runner, your surname is Franklin and you're associated with a shop in Sheffield called Front Runner.  John had a good, albeit ugly race at Swineshead (Link) and I, unexpectedly, had a good run out in the Peak at the Great Longstone Fell Race.


A cheeky shortcut at the top of Win Hill. Photo Tim Russon 

The Great Longstone Fell Race marks the end of the summer series of races throughout the Peak District. There's been a great scene around the races this year and as far as I'm aware the turnouts have been a record high for several of the races.

I've done my best to run as many as my poor legs will allow this summer. In no particular order apart from the order they appear in my head they've been;

Elidir Fawr ~70 entrants vs Hope Fell Race ~320 entrants

Elidir Fawr... this was a very meaty 4.5 miles but spectacular nonetheless -  it is a beautiful route. A brutal start up  the mountain leads to some of the best single track, swooping around the corrie to fire you back down a masterfully technical descent into Nant Peris. Only ~70 entrants! 

Hope Fell Race... 6 miles of the Peak's best. It's got the lot... a testing steady climb, technical downhill through the woods, a calf busting climb to the top of Win Hill, 360' panoramic views as your lungs eject from you face and a quad crumpling descent. Magical! A worthy 330 entrants.

Admittedly, I only did one short course race in North Wales so the numbers might not fully represent the situation however I do feel this suggests how popular to sport is in and around Sheffield. 

Front Runner's top picks;

Best climb - Wolf's Pit

Best view - Hope Fell Race

Best post race cake - Hope Fell Race

Best 'scene' - Calver

Favourite race - Salt Cellar


Anyway, I somehow managed to win the Great Longstone Race Friday last. Looks like my legs are finally recovering from the Paddy Buckley. If I find the time I'll be doing some research into the type of long-term fatigue I've suffered as a result of this (it was worth it) and writing a little about it.


Thank you to all the race organisers, volunteers and anyone that has helped with a race. I am very grateful for the time and effort you've invested and will be hopefully be contributing myself  next year.


GPS / Route of Great Longstone






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