adidas - Tempo Boost 7 Review

3rd December 2014

adidas Adizero - Tempo Boost 7 Review

The adizero Tempo Boost 7 is the latest of the Adidas ever-presents to get the boost foam treatment. The tempo boost 7 is designed for mid to forefoot strikers looking for a level of arch support without sacrificing that lightweight racy feel; the striking “power red” colour scheme only adds to the air of speed. With a wider than wide mid-foot, the thought of squeezing into any of adidas’ slimmer fit shoes has been something that’s haunted me for years. Not a problem with the new tempo boost 7’s! With an ever so slightly wider mid-foot to its predecessor, the Tempo 7 allows those with wider feet to enjoy the wonders of Boost foam.

Adidas tout the Tempo 7 as the perfect all-rounder, combining slight support, high levels of cushioning and a lightweight structure, can one shoe really put its hand to marathon distances and speed/track sessions at the same time whilst also offering moderate levels of support for minimal pronators? Time to find out!!

adidas tempo 7

Photo. The brand spanking new Tempo 7 Boost from adidas. 


Tempo 7 Boost on - Long Runs

Adidas boost foam has been on the market since late 2013 but this is the first time that the Tempo has been released on the Boost platform. This means that Adidas have been able to create a light weight shoe (260g for a UK 8.5), that has the cushioning to cover some serious mileage without reducing your legs to a jelly mess. As a lowly triathlete, it is very rare that I will ever cover more than 10km in one go, much to the amusement of my colleagues here at Front Runner. However, whilst out in the tempo’s in the glorious Sheffield sun, legs feeling fresh, I glance down at my watch to find that I was just passing the 15km mark with an air of consummate ease! This may seem rather trivial to those of you that regularly pump out 60 miles in a week but believe me when I say; any shoe that allows me to run a half marathon in a training run without feeling any deterioration in my gait is something rather miraculous. I often suffer from severe ankle pain brought about by pronation coupled with a badly managed ankle break last winter but the support provided by strategically placed overlays and the torsion system, result in the Tempo 7 being the first lightweight shoe that has actually managed the problem!

tempo 7 4

Photo. Continental rubber outsole and adidas' stable frame support.

Tempo 7 Boost on - Speed/Track Sessions

As an indecisive exerciser, aka triathlete, the vast majority of my run sessions are high intensity intervals, be it hill reps, on the road or down at the local running track. As the Tempo 7 had performed flawlessly on my bi-annual “long” run, I was rather sceptical of its ability to turn its hand to short, high intensity speed work; this scepticism, however, was very short-lived.  Incorporating the ground breaking Boost foam into the shoe mean that Adidas are able to create a shoe with 10mm drop that has a very low relative amount of foam resulting in a shoe that feels more like 6mm drop shoe; this coupled with a bevelled heel means it naturally itself to mid and forefoot runners. This base platform of Boost foam is swathed by a clover-shaped Coolever mesh upper, not only reducing overlays and stitching but also increasing heat and sweat management. The integrated torsion system creates a stiff running platform that is very much at home on the track; whilst hammering around the last 200m of a rep, the high levels of cushioning seem to strip away and the high levels of proprioception brought about by the low forefoot stack height mean that the power transfer is impeccable.

tempo 7 5

Photo. Stableframe and reinforced suede overlays on medial side of the Tempo 7 Boost.

Tempo 7 Boost on - Overall Impression

If you are in the market for a jack of all trades shoe that can sit at the end of you bed with you safe in the knowledge that you can slip into them regardless of the situation, then look no further than the adizero Tempo Boost 7’s. It really is something to behold, a shoe that combines the cushioning of a mile eating behemoth with the lightweight stiff platform of a racer AND a degree of medial support is simply mind-blowing. Sure you could buy two pairs of shoes, one dedicated to your track and interval session with a 4mm drop and another to hit the road on a Sunday afternoon with loads of cushioning but why buy two pairs when you can buy one that encompasses all facets of road running. They’ll last you an age too; Adidas boost foam is manufactured by moulding loads of individual globules of foam into one large piece of material increase the longevity of its life as well as increasing its bounce. The Continental outsole is another feature new to the Tempo range and offers the ultimate in high-wear durability and grip in all weather condition. I’d happily rack up 400 or so miles in this shoe without even thinking of looking for a new pair, which incidentally would be another set of Tempo 7’s.

 If all that isn’t enough to make you want your own pair, a portion of each sale of the Tempo Boost 7 goes to support cancer awareness charities worldwide; easing the pain slightly as you hand over your hard earned cash.


The Tempo 7 from adidas is available from our online store for £90 > HERE

tempo 7 7

Photo. Gusseted tongue helps the Tempo 7 Boost hug the arch.

tempo 7 9

Photo. Lightweight, vented fabric strengthened with overlays.




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