Brooks Pureflow 4 Review

12th December 2014

Brooks Pureflow 4 - Review

Many of my reviews are 'from scratch' and aren't comparison reviews. However, after logging several hundred miles in my Pureflow 3s it's a little difficult to not compare the 2 nimble warriors.

When a well known shoe gets an update I'm pretty confident that any person who has liked the current incarnation is thinking "Oh please, don't mess with my baby too much"..."Maybe I should stock pile on the current version?!" Truth be told, as excited as I get about new shoes and innovations when I find a shoe I get on well with the last thing I want is for the manufacture to overhaul it.

Brooks Pureflow 4

Photo: Mens and Womens Pureflow 4. The overlay-free and accommodating toe box is clear in the image.

Don't worry! The Pureflow 4 is still a nimble warrior like it's predecessor... and the updates are all for the better!


I've clocked around 150 miles in the Pureflow 4, mostly road miles but a little on trails and even a number of track sessions.  The Pureflow range from Brooks are low profile, minimal style shoes however the 4 really does have a good amount of cushioning. It may have a low drop (4mm) but there's still plenty of BioMoGo DNA underfoot and I'd happily run a marathon distance in these. They're great for the runner who's looking for the minimal running experience with out compromising cushioning.

Brooks womens Pureflow 4

Ladies Pureflow 4  - the updated mid-rearfoot overlays are prominent.

What's changed?

The vamp of the Pureflow has perhaps seen the most notable change, the circular overlay leading from the bottom of the U-Throat around the toe box has been removed and the toe box of the 4 is free of any structure, overlay and stitching allowing the toes to splay nicely with in the shoe, reducing any unnecessary pressure.

The overlays over the arch of the foot and from the mid foot to the heel have been tinkered with slightly. They're now a little more robust and in my opinion are in the optimal direction to keep the foot firmly on the foot bed and prevent the heel lifting from the rear of the shoe.

The one thing the Wizards at Brooks have done which I'm not too fond of it they're done away with the 'taco-style' tongue. In the Pureflow 4 it has been taken back to the more traditional tongue. After talking to a few people about this I think I'm perhaps the only person in the UK and maybe even Europe that liked the Taco tongue! Hey ho, we can't always win every time!

Brooks Pureflow 4 sole

Photo: The sole construction has remained the same. 


For those of you who are wishing to replace the Pureflow 3s, I wouldn't worry, the Pureflow 4s fit in a very similar style, are sized identically and run like they are brothers... funny that.


I've read a number of reviews and comments about the Pureflow 3s referring to the longevity of the cushioning or lack of. After putting 400+ miles on the Pureflow 3s I started to notice the cushioning going and forefoot becoming more supple but 400 miles is no doubt a good life. They are a well cushioned shoe and should certainly be good for 350+ miles.



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