Past Sheffield Half Marathon Taster Session

14th March 2015

Past Front Runner Sheffield Half Marathon Taster Session

Saturday 14th saw the 2nd of our Sheffield Half Marathon Taster Sessions.

We had another great turn out with 18 runners joining us. The weather was very kind again (I don't know how we've managed this). The group was a mixed ability and spread a little but runners kept looping back. Chris put in a great effort and must have been a packhorse in a previous life :-)

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 18.02.30

Distance. 8.77 miles

Time. 1h29m

Average speed. 10.12 min/mile

Ascent. 508ft


The word on the street was a few found Saturdays' run quite tough but were really glad to have done it and feel more confident for the big day. You've all done exceptionally well and we're sure that everyone of you has the ability to complete the new Sheffield Half Marathon course.

We wish all the best the everyone who has been on one of our Taster Sessions. We'd love to hear how you get on on the day.

Thank you for the wonderful company on 2 excellent runs.

Happy Running,

Steve & Ali

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