Totley AC Tiger's Todger Round-up

7th May 2015

Totley AC Tiger's Todger Round-up

We’re hugely fortunate in the Peak District to have a plethora of fantastic fell races throughout the summer months. Many of these are associated with Village Well Dressings,  summer fairs and carnivals and many of the others are organised and co-ordinated by the local running clubs. 

The Totley Athletics Club Series has been held annually for over a decade now and comprises of 5 races. The first is Tigger Tor held in January and the report can be found here, Tiger's Todger is the second and sits at the opposite end of the fell running spectrum to Tigger Tor, in all honesty The Todger is a friendly trail race & a fast one at that. With a long steady drag from the Tiger's Rugby Club up to the Oxstones there's no real stopper hills and the terrain isn't technical allowing for some quick running.

Front Runner are hugely proud to be helping support the Series this year and we wouldn't be able to do so without the support of OMM. OMM are kindly providing the prizes for the Series winners and have come up with perhaps the best set of prizes ever seen at the Series. Not only this but they're also offering a number of spot prizes to be given out at random at the last race of the Series - The Exterminator

Last years race threw up a bit of a swerve ball and there was a rather bad incident involving the lead runner and an angry herd of cows. Thankfully the runner in question is now back to running and there were no similar happenings in 2015. 

Despite the threatening weather there was a 250 strong turn out, both the men's and ladies' field were looking strong with an appearance from Dave Archer to rival Stuart Bond at the front of the men's race and Zanthe Wray, Sally Fawcett and Hazel Tant heading the ladies field.

Dave Archer Tiger's Todger

Photo. Dave Archer powering into the finish.

Dave and Stuart were out on there own from the start with Dave managing to edge away from Stu and open up a fairly sizeable gap of 30 seconds. Zanthe managed to make even greater inroads into the second lady and won with a minute to spare.

The Dark Peak ladies team managed to get one back over Totley AC taking the top team prize, Smiley Paces were in a strong 3rd position. The men's Dark Peak team prevailed again with Stuart Bond and Dave Archer both representing it'd have been hard pushed for the Totley men to top this one.

Results. (Full results can be found here)


  1. Zanthe Wray - 37m51s
  2. Sally Fawcett - 38m52s
  3. Hazel Tant - 39m58s


  1. Dave Archer - 32m08s
  2. Stuart Bond - 32m48s
  3. Steve Franklin - 34m16s

Tiger's Todger OMM Rachel

Tiger's todger Totley AC

Photos. Rachel Steen and Steve Franklin of Totley AC on the finishing straight!

Tiger's Todger OMM

Photo. Runner charging down from the Oxstones.

Tiger's Todger Start

Photo. And they're off!

The next race in the Series is Totley Moor on Tuesday 19th of May. Whatever you do, don't forget about the sting in the tail or else it'll get ya! Remember if you want to be in with a  chance of winning some of the OMM spot prizes then you need to get involved with as many races in the Series as possible!

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