Totley AC Totley Moor Round-up

20th May 2015

Totley AC Totley Moor Round-up

We’re hugely fortunate in the Peak District to have a plethora of fantastic fell races throughout the summer months. Many of these are associated with Village Well Dressings,  summer fairs and carnivals and many of the others are organised and co-ordinated by the local running clubs. 

The Totley Athletics Club Series has been held annually for over a decade now and comprises of 5 races. The reports from the first 2 races in the series can be found here (Tigger Tor / Tiger's Todger). 

Totley Moor is the first of the Series to run from Totley AC's Club House, based on the edge of Sheffield bordering the Peak District. The start & finish to the race is on the very picturesque Totley Cricket Pitch set beneath Blackamoor and Totley Moor, this can mean only one thing... a very steep start. For those unfamiliar with the Totley Moor route a sense of satisfaction is felt at the trig point, the high point of the race and some excellent views to boot. However, what they don't know is there is a sting in the tail. As the trails flow back down towards the cricket pitch and runners are giving there all to make up a few places the route turns an abrupt 90 degrees and your funnelled up back onto the Moor. A brutal climb follows before being thrown down the horse field back to the finish. There's always many a gurn to be seen on the final 400m around the pitch.

Hatti Archer Totley Moor

Photo. Hatti Archer storming into the finishing 100metres

Front Runner are hugely proud to be helping support the Series this year and we wouldn't be able to do so without the support of OMM. OMM are kindly providing the prizes for the Series winners and have come up with perhaps the best set of prizes ever seen at the Series. Not only this but they're also offering a number of spot prizes to be given out at random at the last race of the Series - The Exterminator

This years Men's race was dominated by the boys from ShUOC with a running flush form 1st to 5th (if we include Oli Johnson, an Ex-ShUOC er). In contrast to the first 6 men coming in with in 60 seconds of each other, Hatti Archer (Wife of Dave Archer who won Tiger's Todger) dominated the ladies race and was closer to the first man than second lady. If Hatti keeps on entering the fell races this year she will with out doubt be a major force to contend with on a national level.

Oli Johnson Jack Wright running

Photo. Oli Johnson, Adam Taylor and Jack Wright cresting the first big climb



  1. William Gardner - 34m40s
  2. Matthew Elkington - 34m59s
  3. Adam Potter - 35m15s


  1. Hatti Archer - 38m00s
  2. Rachel Pearce - 42m34s
  3. Fiona Kesteven - 42m42s

Pat Goodall totley running

Photo. Pat Goodall coming in to win the V60

Totley moor fell race

Photo. Leaving the Totley Moor Trig

Hazel Tant Totley Moor

Photo. Hazel Tant of Totley on the finishing straight

The next race in the Series is Blackamoor on Thursday 25th June.... If you enjoyed Totley Moor you'll love this one! Remember if you want to be in with a  chance of winning some of the OMM spot prizes then you need to get involved with as many races in the Series as possible!


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