Past Trail Run - Grindleford

19th June 2015

Past Trail Run -  Grindleford

Last Tuesday saw another wonderful turn out for the Trail Run, possibly helped by the promise of good weather and an excellent route. The Grindleford Fell Race route really is a gem. We got the tough bits out of the way at the start with a dry climb up towards Longshaw, there were some red faces and sweaty brows after crossing the field into the estate but the hard bit was done. The group split slightly on the descent down Padley Gorge as those with nerves of steel let lose and those who like the ankles enjoyed the scenery.

Front Runner Trail Run Grindleford

Photobomb. 1

Front Runner Trail Run Grindleford 1

Photobomb 2.

As we passed the formidable river crossing there was speculation as to how deep the river was, whether there might be rip tides and if Tom should come prepared with a snorkel.


Distance. 4.4 miles

Time. 45m 47s

Ascent. 210 metres

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 11.58.05

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