Head games - The Salomon Glen Coe Skyline

18th August 2015

The Salomon Glen Coe Skyline 

I had no intention to write a blog prior to this race. However, as I've been having some fairly negative thoughts towards the weekend and have found others' blogs of a similar nature intriguing, I felt jotting some stuff down may help and could be of interest to others.

First off, what is the Glen Coe Skyline?

It's a new race for 2015 and it looks phenomenal! It's part of the UK Sky Running Series (Glen Coe / Sky Running). The route takes in some spectacular terrain. In summary, it's 33 miles, has ~4250m of upping and downing with a few rocky bits for fun.

What's going on in my tiny little head? 

Since the Mont Blanc Marathon (8 weeks ago) my training & lifestyle haven't been what I would consider normal (for me). My diet has been atrocious, my sleep has not been good, I've drunk a lot of beer (again, for me!), there's been plenty of socialising, I've gone riding and climbing instead of running and it has been absolutely great!! 

It's been really refreshing, I've been able to relax with out feeling guilty. 

However, after reading the race previews, doing the usual Google Earth Recce, trawling over maps & thinking about kit the enormity of Saturdays run has hit me in the face like a massive wet fish.

I've still be averaging around 50 miles a week with maybe 5-8000ft of ascent and hard runs have been the local fell races, perhaps making up 10% of my weekly mileage. I now have to mention.... it's been 45 minutes since writing the previous sentence and I've come to the conclusion that all in all it hasn't been a disastrous 8 weeks and I should probably just strap on my optimistic head and buckle in for the ride.

And that's that, it's taken me a good hour to write this but a conclusion has been reached so it's served a purpose. I apologise for the very disappointing read and hope the post race blog has a bit more sazzzle to it!


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Route. Make your way south from Altnafeadh to Glen Coe via the hilliest route possible and then north from Glencoe to Altnafeadh via the hillist route possible


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