Some of the “Ins and Outs” of Running…

16th October 2015

Some of the “Ins and Outs” of Running…

There is no point beating about the bush or indeed nipping behind one! As a runner many of us encounter the regular need to get back to nature and go for an unscheduled pitstop on route. The consequences of this during training are normally not too severe, but during a race its something that is best avoided. It happens to the best, indeed doing a “Paula” was coined during her victorious 2005 London Marathon campaign.

With the Sheffield Tententen coming up in a few days we thought we’d share some advice on the topic. Beat those pre-race portaloo queues.

The queues for the toilets at races can be rather big, with the pre-race nerves kicking in the brain somehow tells us that we need to prepare for battle by becoming as light as possible!


What pre race tactics can you use to beat those queues?

With a bit of planning before we leave the house we can arrive at race HQ ready to run.

Waking at least 3 hours before the race and having a sensible breakfast of porridge, banana, any of your favourite things that you normally have.

Having some coffee a good couple of hours before can be a good idea – this can aid the lightening process but be careful not to drink too much!

This will ensure that you are down to your “race weight” before making your way to the race.

A lot of people feel the need to drink a lot before a race but many often drink too much, it’s best to drink a good amount of water when you wake up to fire up your metabolism and then have small sips for the hour leading up to the race, there’s a good chance there’ll be the need to quench the pre race dry-mouth!

Then with 15 minutes to go before the race – oh no I need to go again! Often this is your body tricking you. Resulting in a catch 22… the nerves about needing the loo being the catalyst for actually needing the loo!

Just think to yourself if I was on holiday right now down the beach would this be happening to me? A bit of visualisation of running round the course serenely and relaxed could help here.

Should all this mental and physical preparation fail you, don’t fret!  Mother Nature’s got your back (side covered) with ample shrubbery to help you in your time of need. We were going to do a feature on which leaves are best, but decided to skip this bit. Taking a couple of emergency pieces of triple ply toilet roll in the shorts is not the worst plan.

Please let us know if you have any amusing stories or tips that you might like to share with others. We can safely say that this is a common experience for many runners. You are not alone!

Further details on the Sheffield Tententen can be found here:


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