Mourne Skyline Pre Race Musings

23rd October 2015

Mourne Skyline Pre Race Musings

Tomorrow sees the second running of the Mourne Skyline Skyrace. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Mourne Mountains, they're an hours drive south of Belfast in Northern Ireland. I've spent years wanting to go the Mournes for the amazing granite rock climbing which is strewn of the range, instead I'm going there to run the 21 mile Skyrace with 3300m of upping and downing. 

As usual I'm pretty apprehensive (this seems to be a common theme), I'm not feeling tip top and haven't been for some time. However, I am strangely excited. Jack, Front Runner's Saturday man is a local to the area and has been waxing lyrical about the route, another good friend of mine, Jo (who will also be running) has been equally as positive too! In addition to this, I'm a bit of a map geek and the Mourne Mountains just look so good on an OS map....

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 17.24.40

There's something about the contours, route choice and race pictures from 2014 that conjure up this image of the running being similar to a roller coaster ride. Flowing single track and granite boulder hopping galore! The 21 mile course packs in a 3300m of height gain and loss, 10 summits and starts and finishes at the sea. 

t shirt image no grid

I think it's fairly common practice to follow updates of races which you're entered in, I've been following the Mourne Skyline Facebook page, Twitter feed and website for the last few weeks. Looking at who's entered, what the course is like and generally staying up to date with the race news. Yesterday, I was stunned to see my name in the official race preview!

As admission to the world -  the Mourne Skyline is absolutely my last long are of 2015... I don't understand how there are so many runners who can continually run this type of race and consistently perform well.


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