Salomon Sense Ride Review

25th July 2017

Salomon - Sense Ride Review

The Sense Ride arrived in store in June. In search of a shoe to run the Snowdonia Trail Marathon in I quickly ear-marked the Ride as a potential runner.The combination of ample stack heights, 8mm drop, a great outsole for mixed terrain and Salomon's new Vibe Technology made this an obvious choice for clocking some miles on roads, trails and a spot of mud - My single reservation before trying the Sense Ride was it's slightly heavier than the shoes I generally run in. It's by no means heavy but relative to shoes I'm used to using it's got a few more grams. (I like light shoes)

Some numbers and tech on the Sense Ride:

You've 27mm under the heel and 19mm on the forefoot giving a 8mm drop from the heel to the toe. The Ride  has Salomon's traditional and proven Endo-Fit technology over the mid-step, giving a super comfy feel and great lock down, keeping the foot in place on the most uneven surfaces. The outsole is 4mm lugged Contragrip compound with strategically placed lugs in high-wear zones. The heel, outside and inside of the forefoot have a higher surface area meaning they don't wear down so fast on tarmac. There's a great semi-rockered profile to the forefoot of the Ride, allowing some flex but helping to engage toe-off and taking a bit of stress off of the toe joints.

The Ride has some new tech in the way of 'Vibe Technology' - Salomon have been doing some research at their labs in Annecy (Ali was lucky enough to be invited last month and got to see what's being going on). The Vibe Tech is a dampening compound placed beneath the heel and forefoot. There is some evidence to suggest that muscle vibrations can cause not only fatigue but also DOMS so having  a compound such as the 'Vibe Opal Technology' placed in the high impact zones could reduce this meaning you fatigue slower and suffer less with those achey legs after a run. The other great thing about 'Opal Technology' is that it's weight to cushioning ratio is very good meaning you get plenty of shock absorption with out the added weight.

Snowdonia Trail Marathon

On the podium at the Snowdonia Trail Marathon

Thoughts on the fit and feel of the Sense Ride:

The toe box is nice and roomy and the volume in the middle of the shoe is ample. However, there are overlays placed from the big toe and little toe joints back so if you've bunions or suffer with pinching over the little toe joint you might find it a bit snug. The 'Sensifit' cradles the foot nicely and give s a great lock-down. The heel collar structured without being too stuff, it isn't the most padded heel but gives a great hold keeping the heel well seated. 

The 'Energy Cell+' foam in the Sense Ride initially felt quite soft, especially compared with the S-Lab line of footwear and I thought it might lack responsiveness due to this. It isn't as peppy and racer-esque as Salomon's S-Lab Sense 6 but that's not what it's designed for. It felt accurate and responsive enough for me to nip in and out of the boulders on the Snowdonia Trail Marathon - a distance and terrain type which is it most at home on.

My one gripe with the shoe is a very personal one....the drop of the shoe. I notoriously don't get on with shoes over 6mm in drop (I get achey hips in any shoes that are structured around the heel and 10mm drop). But figured as the shoe isn't torsionally too stiff I should be okay and low and behold, I was!

Final thoughts:

I like the Sense Ride. It wouldn't be my choice for a fast, short race but for someone after a cushioned, light shoe for mixed terrain it really is very, very good. At the same time as trying the Sense Ride I've also been using the New Balance Hierro 2 and the Hoka Speed Instinct: 2 shoes I also thought might be goers for Snowdonia. Again they were both really good however the main features which drew me to the Sense were the security of the upper - I felt like my foot was held so well with out being too tight and out of the 3 the Sense Ride was the most responsive and accurate.

We've got the Sense Ride online here > Mens & Womens or you can pop in store and try a pair out to see what all the fuss is about.

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