Front Runner Festive Trail Run - The Robin Hood

19th December 2017

Front Runner Festive  Trail Run - The Robin Hood


Meeting at 6.45pm for a 7pm departure on Thursday the 22nd December. We'll be meeting at the Robin Hood Pub Car Park near to Baslow. (see map).

Christmas Trail RUn

Route Map and Parking: In the pub car park. Clockwise


Our annual Christmas Head Torch Trail Run - Today the most important thing is not the run, the most important thing is the food and the social. We'll be heading into the Robin Hood pre run to order our meals for post run indulgence. It might be worth having a nosey the the menu before the evening so we can make the order fairly swiftly.

The route.

The run is a pleasant one, we'll be heading down the road from the pub then up past Moorhead Rocks and below Gardoms towards the main road. Swiftly over the road and steep pull up to the Baslow Monument. Over Baslow Edge towards Curbar Gap then straight up onto White Edge and drop down over the moor to the crossroads. Nip over the slabs to Birchen Edge and a short sharp climb takes us up on top for a wonderful bit of single track running before an equally short sharp descent drops us back at the Robin Hood.

It's not the easiest of runs as there's some quite never ground but similarly isn't to taxing as there are no big hills.

It's important to remember that this route is very exposed and will get most of the weather going so proper kit is essential!

It's roughly 5 miles in length in will take around 60 minutes.

Other important things you need to know.

Although we sort the route we ask that everyone who comes along is able to look after themselves and isn't reliant upon any other member of the team, this means you need to have the appropriate equipment (Waterproof tops and bottoms, hats and gloves, water and food, map and compass and an idea of where we are going to be running). 

Post run.

Christmas food at the Robin Hood.

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