Join us for our weekly Monday Night Run (#MNR)

21st May 2018

Join us for our weekly Monday Night Run (#MNR)

Every Monday we leave the store at 6.30pm for our social Monday Night Run. The run is around 5km in length and takes between 30 to 35 minutes.

The group is always very mixed. We've people of all ages and abilities. The numbers vary week on week, sometimes there may only be 5 of us and at times we've had 25+!

It's a very informal run, we don't ask people to sign up but do request that everyone who comes along is sensible - We'll wait at traffic lights and use crossing points when possible, we'll do head counts and make sure everyone is accounted for, in bad weather we have hi viz vests but ask you to bring you're own if you have one, please dress accordingly and remember that we're all different abilities and not to run off leaving others behind. 

When possible Ali or Steve will be on the run but we can't guarantee this'll be every week. There are a lot of regulars who've been coming on these runs for years and are excellent. They help out when we've new runners and large numbers. 

If you've any questions about the MNR then pop us an email, call us or head in store.

Front Runner Monday Night run

MNR in the Botanical Gardens



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