Front Runner 5th Birthday

10th December 2018

This week marks five years of Front Runner.

We opened on the 7th of December 2013, it hasn't been an easy five years by any stretch. We've learnt many lessons the hard way and had to overcome a number of hurdles. One particular pokey hurdle has been the brands we stock. It's more tricky than you might think to bring brands into your store, especially when the business is in its infancy. Despite having five years of foundations it's still not a walk in the park which is why we are over the moon to welcome two new brands into the store at once.

Both Altra and ON Running have come onboard with Front Runner and we couldn't be happier. To celebrate Five years of Front Runner we're having 3 demo events in one week and we've done our best to make them a little different.

On Monday the 10th

We welcome ON Running to the store. On will be bringing with them a selection of their road running shoes, there'll be two options for tonights run. You can either take part on our weekly Monday Night Run which is a 5km jaunt around the streets near to the store. The alternative is to take part in our handicap relay "race" in Endcliffe Park!

How will it work?

We'll pair up runners based on a Park Run, 5k or 10k time. The faster runners will be paired with slower runners. Using 1 lap of the Hallam Park run route you will set off in the opposite direction to your partner, one of you will be armed with a comedy baton, hopefully at some point during your lap you will meet your partner (if you don't - something has gone very wrong) You will pass the baton (it could be anything, maybe even an inflatable unicorn) to your partner, you will both turnaround and run back the way you have just come from back to the start.

There will be prizes for the person who brings the most comical baton (be warned: you might have to run with it) and prizes for the winning pair. There'll also be some other goodies and the like as giveaways.

Thankfully for those of you who haven't been eating your carrots Petzl will also be here with loads of head torches you can borrow too!

On Clouds

On Wednesday 12th

Demo TBC

On Friday 14th we're going on a mini-adventure

Timing is important today, we'll meet at the store for 6pm. La Sportiva and Petzl will be here and picking up a pair of shoes and a head torch from them to take with you will certainly help on the adventure. The key thing is that we don't miss the Hulleys of Baslow 272 bus to Castleton. This leaves Hunters Bar at 6.30pm, we'll jump on this and hop off at the Fox House Pub, you could have a drink here you're that way inclined. We aren't 100% on the route from the Fox House back to Front Runner but it will mostly be on trails, it's around 6 miles and is mostly downhill.

Once back at Front Runner, you can pick up your shoes and drop off your Sportivas then we'll be going to the Lescar pub for a drink - Perfect!

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