New Opening Hours for 2019

18th December 2018

New Opening Hours 2019

As of the 2nd of January 2019 we will be altering our opening hours. Since opening in December 2013 we have operated the same hours of business, we always had a funny day on a Monday where we opened 2pm - 6pm. The reason for this was so we could have Sunday & Monday mornings off work.

Since 2013, the shop has grown, staffing has changed as have the demands of our customers. Throughout 2018 we were frequently asked whether we took appointments for Gait Analysis & Shoe fitting & how much it cost. This service has always been complimentary when we fit shoes and will continue to be so...

However, given the specialist knowledge of our staff we felt there was the potential to offer a more bespoke Gait Analysis service where we provide written feedback & video footage of your running to help inform your future practise. 

From February 2019 we will be offering this service on Mondays at a time to suit you.

What will you get?

It will be a 1:1 session for an hour whilst the store is closed. We will provide you with feedback on your running; your contact points, stride length, cadence, impacts, rotation, torsions and more. We will also endeavour to provide you with information on why we've suggested what we have and give you the resources to consolidate your good habits and modify your bad ones.

There will be a webpage with examples of this service live on our website from mid-January.

Front Runner 2019 Opening Hours

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - 10:00-17:30

Wednesday - 10:00-17:30

Thursday - 10:00-18:30 (Late Opening)

Friday - 10:00-17:30

Saturday - 10:00-17:30


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