Brooks Running - Levitate 2 Review

19th February 2019

Brooks Running - Levitate 2 Review

The Levitate 2 is Brooks’ new shoe with polyurethane (PU) cushioning. PU midsole capturesthe energy that you put into it when strikingthe ground and returnsit as you push off, giving you a little boost (in fact Boost is what Adidas call their PU cushioning). The cushioning runs the length of the shoe makingit consistently comfortable from heel to toe.It is durable too, many believe it resists the repeated impacts of running better than a more traditional EVA midsole.My pair still feelthe same after 100km as they did when new. Once you get moving in the Levitate 2 the cushioning feels firmerunderfoot (Than when walking or stood)but there is also a definite springiness to it that I don’t feel in myother Brooks shoes. That combination of firm and springy makes you feel really efficient and fast. 


The fit is really comfortable. Brooks are well known for their unrivalled step-in feel, in fact we hear all the time that they “feel like slippers” and the Levitate 2 is no different. To lock the heel in, there is a soft but structured tab padding the heel counter, holding the heel in securely. The collar around the ankle is quite minimal to reduce irritation and the upper is a soft knit material for the same reason. They’ve done a really good job of making the shoe keep up with the trend of looking narrow and tapered without compromising on the actual width. The result is a sleek looking, well-fitting and comfortable shoe. And that’s without mentioning the cool silver finish on the midsole! 

To be critical, the outsole is a little slick for my liking. It has been designed to give a quick transition from initial contact through to toe off (which it does very well) and in dry conditions is great but on wet, greasy mornings it perhaps isn’t the most confidence inspiring outsole.

Overall the new Levitate 2 is unique in the Brooks range and it definitely achieves what it is designed to do. To run in it feelsefficient and springy and the combination of cushioning and responsiveness makes it a perfect shoe for long and tempo runs alike. Just take care on those greasy pavements!

The Levitate 2 is available here

Thanks, Alex


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