Salomon Sense Pro 4 Review & Promo Code

1st April 2020

Salomon Sense Pro 4 Review

After having a pair of the Salomon Sense Pro 3 and really liking them, I couldn’t wait to get into a pair of the Sense Pro 4.

My Sense Pro 3s had done over 570 miles, including a couple of marathons, a set of replacement laces and a couple of little holes appearing but I think they have worn really well considering the terrain I run on and use they have had.

When the Pro 4s arrived I put them on, quick run on the treadmill and I was sold. The fit was comfortable straight out of the box, even though I have swollen big toe joints and struggle to get in a lot of trainers.

Salomon Sense Pro 4 sense-4-pro__L41043000_1 Salomon Sense Pro 4 sense-4-w-pro__L40975300_4

My first run in them was in local, wet and muddy, woods for about 6 miles. I prefer shoes that are light and responsive, these certainly felt like that. I knew I could, and felt I wanted to, put in some faster efforts just to have a bit of fun in them. The shoe has a thin rock plate in the sole so when treading on stones I knew they were there but it didn’t hurt. 

The Sense Pro 4 felt really good in the first run I thought I’d give them a little test for their second outing. This was 26.2 miles through woods, roads, trails and the Peak District. I couldn’t fault the shoe on this run. The cushioning is improved from the Sense Pro 3, and along with the Optivibe mid sole to take away some of the vibrations on foot strike, it felt fine on the road sections of the run. The grip worked well on all the terrain and there was no rubbing at all from the upper.

Since this run, I have been out in these for over 100 miles in total and they feel great. I am considering another pair to be ready for when these give up. The Sense Pro 3s are now my go to shoes for walking or easy runs off road, the Pro 4s will be for everything else that involves woods and trails.

Salomon Sense Pro 4 sense-4-w-pro__L40975300_3 Salomon Sense Pro 4 sense-4-pro__L41043000_3

As with the Sense Pro 3s, I think for out and out fell runs and races I would like something with a bit more grip than the Pro 4s (if I can get my feet in anything), but I am more than happy with the Pro 4s for short, long, easy or fast runs off road.

Can’t see how they will improve these if they do a new version.

You can buy the Sense Pro 4 from our website by clicking 'MENS' or 'WOMENS'. Use Promo code 'SENSE20' to get 20% between 1st April 5pm - 3 April 5pm 2020

Happy running.


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