Mountainfuel - Hydrogel Sports Jelly Cola with caffeine

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Game Changers, well that’s what our users say. 

Technical Info
Fast acting sustained energy
Multi source carbohydrate
Refreshing (no need to wash down with water)
Easy on the stomach
Gluten Free
Used by type 1 diabetics to control blood sugars during exercise
Used by people who have IBD & IBS related issues
Cola with caffeine

Game Changers, well that’s what our users say. Perfect for those looking for the most convenient and efficient way to fuel, delivering an easy on the stomach and innovative hydrogel sports jelly. These are not jelly blocks, they are like a liquid jelly. Our unique formula encapsulates the carbohydrate in a natural hydrogel enabling it to pass smoothly through your stomach to deliver sustained energy without the gut bombs that can be associated with traditional energy gels.