Adidas - Distancestar Running Spikes Men's

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The perfect track all-rounder


Technical Info
Air Mesh Upper - Provides excellent ventilation and breathability.
Toe Cap - Adds extra protection to the toe area.
Synthetic Heel - Holds foot in place firmly whilst running.
EVA Midsole - Provides lightweight, responsive cushioning.
TPU Outsole - Durable outsole material.
Forefoot Spikes - Propels you forward for maximum speed.
Adiwear Rubber - Reduces wear and tear whilst offering great traction.
170g UK8
Colour Blue/White
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Colour Camo
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Ideal for any long distance running event, these shoes will propel you forward and help you smash personal bests and go for gold. Designed with a breathable, lightweight, mesh upper to ventilate your feet, and a TPU Outsole plate with spikes, the Adidas Distancestar Running Spikes are build for the long haul.

Air Mesh Upper

Made with an air mesh upper, these shoes are extremely lightweight and breathable. The air mesh material allows air to circulate freely between your feet, keeping them cool and yourself focused on the run ahead. A seamless toe cap features for durability, and to prevent injuries such as bruising in the toe area. The synthetic heel also holds your foot firmly in place whilst running. Finished off with eye-catching colours and an Adidas logo on the heel, you'll show the competition you're the real deal.

EVA Midsole

An EVA midsole features to provide lightweight, responsive, cushioning and support, making these shoes ideal for either training or competing. It also helps to reduce the impact on your feet during your run, and cushions your feet for maximum energy return.

TPU Outsole Plate

The outsole, made with TPU is extremely durable and ideal for any condition, making these shoes perfect for wet or dry weather. Featuring five spikes on the forefoot, these shoes allow you to fully dig into the track surface to propel you forward towards the finishing line. Adiwear rubber also features on the outsole, which reduces wear and tear on the heel and off-toe areas. It also offers excellent traction and flexibility allowing you to gain maximum speed around corners while ensuring your stability.