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A trail running shoe with exceptional cushioning and a wider fit

La Sportiva
Technical Info
Comfortable, wide fit designed for ultra-marathons
Soft, stretch tongue provides a comfort fit for maximum freedom of movement, the internal bellows construction provides protection against stones and mud
Innovative EVA sole/midsole package with internal, shock absorbing, polyurethane pads with high return energy thanks to the Infinitoo™ Technology. The front insert increases cushioning, while the rear insert contributes to the stabilization of the run
Trail running
Colour Neon/Goji
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A mountain running shoe with exceptional cushioning and a wider fit, the Jackal is ideal for ultra distances and medium distance workouts. Every detail, from the uppers to the sole, is designed to enhance your comfort: including the wide, comfortable fit; breathable mesh ventilation and a lacing system designed to adapt to swelling over longer distances. The soft, enveloping elastic tongue allows freedom of movement and features an internal bellows to protect against stones and mud.

However the Jackal's main strength lies in an innovative EVA sole/midsole package, with internal cushioning pads in high Energy return polyurethane Infinitoo™ Technology. The front element increases the cushioning, while the rear insert and a high density EVA Rock-Shield in the midsole help with stability, helping you to push forward just a little more with every stride.