Alex Ing-Simmons

Tigger Tor 2019-380

I grew up playing rugby union and I always considered myself a sprinter but after joining the track and field team at the University of Edinburgh I quickly realised that I was pretty average really. That was a few years ago and I am still average but the distances I run have changed from 100m to ultra-marathons.

Generally I just run for fun and I rarely remember to enter events before they sell out but last year I challenged myself to do a standard distance triathlon. I thought the swimming was going to be the hardest part but it definitely turned out to be the run! The heat was stifling and I got slower and slower and slower.... My only marathon was also a hot one, in Edinburgh in 2015 and like most people in their first marathon I didn't get my nutrition strategy right and I went off too fast, so I unfinished business with the marathon.

Recently I have been more into long adventure runs or overnight trips with my bivvy bag. In 2019 I did the Dig Deep 60 mile ultra-marathon which was brilliant- 13 hours out in the Peak District in the sun. 

On a year away in 2017-18 I walked the Te Araroa Trail which runs the entire length of New Zealand over 5 months. This taught me a lot about packing light and not taking things you don't need. I am really attracted to the Spine Race and other long over-night or multi-day events. Big adventures like that are the thing that gets me the most excited and there are plenty to do in the future!