Alex Ing-Simmons

Tigger Tor 2019-380

I grew up playing rugby union and I always considered myself a sprinter but after joining the track and field team at the University of Edinburgh I quickly realised that I was pretty average really. That was a few years ago and I am still average but the distances I run have changed from 100m to marathons.

Generally I just run for fun and I rarely remember to enter events before they sell out but last year I challenged myself to do a standard distance triathlon. I thought the swimming was going to be the hardest part but it definitely turned out to be the run! The heat was stifling and I got slower and slower and slower.... My only marathon was also a hot one, in Edinburgh in 2015 and like most people in their first marathon I didn't get my nutrition strategy right and I went off too fast, so I unfinished business with the marathon.

For 2019 though my main aim is just to be more consistent. I think if I do that I should be able to get some PBs this year- I'm determined to get that elusive sub 40min 10k! I'm still yet to do a fell race as I'm quite new to the running scene here so I've entered Tigger Tor which will be my first event of the year. I've a feeling I'm going to enjoy it.

In the summer of 2018 I fastpacked the Pennine Way and on a year away I walked the Te Araroa Trail which runs the entire length of New Zealand over 5 months. Both of those adventures taught me resilience and practical skills like how to pack and bag and what comforts you can live without for the sake of saving weight, so I am really attracted to the Spine Race and other long events (with as much power hiking as possible). Big adventures like that are the thing that gets me the most excited and there are plenty to do in the future!