Round Sheffield Run Taster Session 1

21st May 2016

Round Sheffield Run Taster Session 1

The Round Sheffield Run has to be one of the best, most unique races in the country, if not the world (!) and we couldn't be more proud to support this great event for a third consecutive year. 

The 2016 event is a sell out and has drawn 2000 runners from near and far and of all abilities. They'll be those looking to get course records on the different Stages and those who're just looking forward to a wonderfully social day out running some of the best trails any city has to offer. 

On Saturday the 21st of May we'll be running one of our 'Taster Session'. We've previously done these for the Sheffield TenTenTen and the Sheffield Half Marathon, the feedback from these was great. The sessions are aimed at beginners or those who aren't sure what to expect from the event. This will be no different, Steve from Front Runner will be taking the sessions and will be on hand to give advice and answer any questions you may have.

In conjunction with this core group, there will also be a faster group heading off on the same route.


The run will take in the first 4 Stages of the Round Sheffield Run. The total distance will be 11km, 10km of which consists of RSR Stages. We'll be going at a steady pace (averaging ~10-11 min.miles). On the run you'll have a chance to meet others who are doing the race, swap training tips and talk through how you might tackle the unique enduro-style competition. You'll also be able to quiz Steve on all things running; nutrition, training, tapering, technique & equipment.... he'll do his best to help.


9.45am Saturday 21st May. We'll meet in Front Runner on Sharrowvale Road (So there's time for Park Run). We'll be out for ~2 hours but this will depend on the group and pace. From Dore Train station you can either run back to the start (adding on 5km through Ecclesall Woods or get the bus to the Broadfield and run  from there (2km)).


‚ÄčThe following is taken from the RSR Website. 

Stage 1   :  2.9km Endcliffe Park to Forge Dam


A pleasant gradual ascent leaving Endcliffe Park, up through Bingham Park and Whiteley woods, a stage to take nice and steady through the paved and dirt tracks up to Forge Dam.

Liason between 1-2

A short walk / jog up past the Cafe to the start of the next stage

 Stage 2   :  2.5km Porter Valley Ascent


Up from the Forge Dam Cafe this stage leads us up the porter valley and away from town towards the Peak. The gradual ascent becomes slightly more agressive half way up leading up. This is possibly the toughest part of the course, a good one to get under the belt early on.

 Liason between 2-3

The "Recovery" Stage along fulwood road sticking to the trail on the left past the Alpaca farm to ringinglow road, this stage is nice and flat and will allow for nice recovery after the endeavours of the previous two.

 Stage 3   :  2.5km Limb Valley Descent


Wide open grassy trail, leading into windy, flowing singletrack down through the Limb Valley, a real nice downhill section that everyone is bound to enjoy. Our personal favourite.

 Liason between 3-4

A short walk / jog across the main road and down onto the playing fields to the start of the trailhead. 

Stage 4   :  1.8km Ecclesall Woods


Having crossed Ecclesall road south on the liason between stages, we are into Eccleshall woods, a favourite with locals. The first section stretches through pine, skipping between roots and pine needles, then up onto the main trail and down through to Abbeydale Road.


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