Trail Run - Alport Castles

16th August 2016

Trail Run - Alport Castles


Meeting at 6.30pm on Tuesday the 16th of August. There is plenty of parking but it can be tricky to find the side road to take. There's a map below to show where we'll park and meet. As you drive out of Sheffield on the Snake Pass look for signs to Lockerbrook and Rowlee Farm on your right, directly opposite this on your left is a turning - take this!

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 13.13.17


A great outing up Alport Dale, onto Alport Castles along the edge of Rowlee Pastures back down into the Snake Pass Valley. 

The route.

The route is entirely on trails but after rain these can get very muddy and slippy to think about your footwear. It's a fairly steady start up the valley to reach the base of Alport Dale, this again isn't too taxing however the climb up to the top of Alport Dale is a toughy. It's all downhill from here along flagstones and peat paths to reach the bridleway back past Lockerbrook Outdoor Centre. It's around 6 miles in length and due to the hills and terrain will likely take ~1h 15m.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 13.18.37

Route Map. Run Clockwise. From Hagg Farm we will take the bridleway to Rowlee Farm instead of the marked route.

Other important things you need to know.

Although we sort the route we ask that everyone who comes along is able to look after themselves and isn't reliant upon any other member of the team, this means you need to have the appropriate equipment (Waterproof tops and bottoms, hats and gloves, water and food, map and compass and an idea of where we are going to be running). 

Post run.

A pit stop in the Ladybower Inn would be hard to resist!

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