Head Torch Trail Run - White Edge & Barbrook

28th September 2016

Head torch Trail Run - White Edge & Barbrook


Meeting at 6.30pm for a 6.45pm departure on Tuesday the 28th September. We'll be meeting in the lay-by about 500m up from Owler Bar roundabout. It's opposite the gas/water depot building. There's space for 4-5 cars. If the lay-by it full please park another 500m up, use the gate and run back along the path adjacent to the road.

White Edge : Barbrook

Parking: Just up from Owler Bar Roundabout. Lay by on the left for 4/5 cars. Can park about another 500m up also.



A nice twist on a classic Peak route. So many of us use the the White Edge - Froggatt Loop as a quick and easy off road run but there's a great route using the Barbrook Reservoir track and a sneaky trod from White Edge down to make a wonderful 5.5 mile loop with no roads.

The route.

White Edge : Barbrook Map

Route: Running anticlockwise from the dropped pin.

The route is predominantly on trails which aren't too technical but can become tough after heavy rain. The linking trod between the two bridleways is quite tricky, especially with only a head, it's grassy, tussocky and narrow but it's only short (450m) so manageable for most. It's 5.5 miles in total and is relatively flat. The run will take around an hour. Big Moor and White Edge are very exposed to the elements to in bad weather it's so important to have waterproofs and warm clothes with you.


Other important things you need to know.

Although we sort the route we ask that everyone who comes along is able to look after themselves and isn't reliant upon any other member of the team, this means you need to have the appropriate equipment (Waterproof tops and bottoms, hats and gloves, water and food, map and compass and an idea of where we are going to be running). 

Post run.

A warm up and drink in the Peacock on Owler Bar.

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