Head Torch Trail Run - Win Hill

24th November 2016

Head Torch Trail Run - Win Hill


Meeting at 6.45pm for a 7pm departure on Thursday the 24th November. We'll be meeting at the car park for Hope Train Station. There is plenty of parking either on the road leading to the CP or in the CP itself. (see map).

Head torch trail run win hill

Route Map and Parking: On the road leading to or in the train station car park. Running clockwise.


Technically it's not hilly as there is only one hill, however that one hill isn't small. The route is around 5 miles with the first 3 of those being up hill. There's one steep section but it's short lived. It's likely to be very muddy too so perhaps not the best run for beginner head torch trail runners.

The route.

From the train station we'll do some style hopping and muddy field plodding before climbing steeply up the road into Aston. From here we'll climb gradually to reach the should of Hope Brink, a quick about turn and a bit more climbing brings us to the summit of Win Hill. Depending on the weather we may stay to gaze at the stars are run away with our tails between our legs. The descent is pretty swift, starting with some perfectly inclined grassy fields it steepens slightly and then unfortunately turns to tarmac for the last 1/2 mile or so. All in all it's a not too difficult route up Win Hill but could be made more testing dependent on the underfoot conditions.

It's important to remember that this route is very exposed and will get most of the weather going so proper kit is essential!

Other important things you need to know.

Although we sort the route we ask that everyone who comes along is able to look after themselves and isn't reliant upon any other member of the team, this means you need to have the appropriate equipment (Waterproof tops and bottoms, hats and gloves, water and food, map and compass and an idea of where we are going to be running). 

Post run.

The Travellers rest? I've never been in the pub so have no idea whether they are welcoming of muddy people. 

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