Sheffield Half Marathon Litter Pick

2nd April 2019

Sheffield Half Marathon Litter Pick

Last year we organised an informal litter picking session on the rural part of the Sheffield Half Marathon route.

It was a great success in that there was a good turn out & we cleared an unbelievable amount of rubbish but obviously upsetting that there was so much in the first place.

This year we are hoping there isn't quite as much but having been around the route recently there is definitely too much!

How will the litter pick work?
The attached photo shows where we will be trying to litter pick on the route. It's been split into 7 segments. Our aim will be to try and get at least 3 people to pick litter for 1 hour on each segment.
What will be provided?
We will provide loads of heavy duty sacks and high visibility vests. We will be based up at the Norfolk Arms pub so if you do need these things you'll have to meet us there, or if you have your own high viz vest and bin bags just meet us out there.

What do you need to bring?
If you have a high visibility vest please bring it, gardening type gloves are advised, if you have one of those fancy litter picking things then they're always good for reaching things in hedges or picking up stuff you'd rather not touch!

How do I sign myself up?
If you could send an email to just saying you'd like to help and if you have a preference to which colour (segment) you'd like to pickup litter on.

Please, please, please remember that the roads are very busy and there aren't any pavements for a good chunk of the litter pick so being visible and taking care are super important.

Thank you!
Alex, Steve and Skip

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