Brooks - Bra Demo

8th May 2019

Brooks - Bra Demo

For ladies who exercise an ill-fitting bra can cause as much if not more discomfort than ill-fitting footwear.

Neck, back or shoulder pain, bad posture, chafing and grooves in the shoulders are all problems encountered from wearing ill-fitting bras.

Approximately 80% of women are wearing bras that aren't correctly fitted.

Similarly to footwear, brands lack consistency in sizing bras. This emphasises the importance of trying a variety on and actually running in them - The Brooks Bra Demo is your opportunity to do just this.

Brooks Running Juno

On Wednesday 8th of May we'll have Brooks Running and Ross their Technical Representative here with a wide range of bras in a selection of sizes for you to try on & join us for our weekly social 5km Hump Run.

Ross will be in store from 5pm so if you'd like to try the bras out but not join us on the 5km run that's no trouble at all. Please take this opportunity to try out bras which differ in their shapes and levels of support.

We will have the models below to try:

  • - Juno
  • - Rebound Racer
  • - Fastforward
  • - Fastforward Zip
  • - Hotshot

If there is a particular size or bra you'd like to try please let us know and we'll do our best to make sure it's in the demo pool.

Thank you,
Steve, Alex and Skip the Dog!

Please note, the text above has been taken from research conducted and articles written by Joanne Wakefield-Scurr at the University of Portsmouth.(

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