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2nd March 2015

Social Evening Run - Monday 2nd March 2015

"It's cold outside"  - the words of the first 3 to walk into Front Runner. They weren't wrong, it was a little on the nippy side. A good turn out this evening with 17 of us heading out. A real mix and a new face amongst many familiar ones, welcome to Barbara.

We took a regular route this week, up Brocco Bank to Fulwood Road, a "blast" along to the FW Motor Company and a lovely jaunt back down past Endcliffe Park.

Route Stats:

Distance: 3.34 miles

Time: 35m26s

Pace: 10m36s min/miles

Height gain: 279 feet

Monday 2015 March 2nd

The GPX file can be viewed at this link Monday 2nd Front Runner Social Run


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