Past Trail Runs - White Edge

3rd March 2015

White Edge Trail Run

This Tuesday past was a cold one but thankfully dry. There were a number of reluctant bodies not wishing to leave the comforts of the car. It was a chilly start; running into an icy headwind over the top of White Edge. There were several occasions I wished & I'm sure Ash was thinking this too, Tom was a of a height and width that would have made him a better wind break! Numb hands, frozen faces (with smiles on) and runny noses were the order of the evening. Thankfully, we had a nice tail wind on the return leg over Curbar and Froggatt Edge. 

The full moon meant it was almost light enough to run with out head torches but alas it was a too technical underfoot to risk this. 

Run Stats!

Distance: 5.71 miles

Time: 59m42s

Pace: 10m26s min/miles

Height gain: 476 feet

White Edge

The GPX file can be viewed at this link White Edge Trail Run


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