Past Trail Run - Froggatt Edge

2nd April 2015

Froggatt to Grindleford Trail Run

There's no doubt there was a little false advertising when this run was promoted... "Front Runner Trail Run in the SUN!". It wasn't sunny, in fact it was pretty dang miserable but it didn't stop people turning out. We even had 4 newcomers.

If we ignore the rain and wind and focus on the pleasant views from Froggatt Edge, the nicely technical descent to Froggatt village, the Creme Eggs in the Grouse Pub... and, and and.... running the entire route without the need for a head torch!! It was a really good evening.

Thanks to everyone who turned out. Here are the stats from the run...

Distance. 4.47m


Elev. 606ft

Avg pace. 12.03min.mi

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