Past Trail Run - Stanage Edge

14th April 2015

Past Trail Run -  Stanage Edge

Thank you to everyone who joined us this evening. It's evenings such as this that really make me and hopefully anybody who was out enjoying a delightful Spring evening really appreciate the City we live in. 15 minutes from our door and we have some spectacular open countryside. 

Tonights' run headed up out of Hathersage, weaving our way up past North Lees campsite onto Stanage Edge. The views we were greeted by were spectacular and certainly helped take many of our minds from a weary Yorkshire Half-Marathon mangled legs.

We sprung, like spring chickens over towards Millstone and then tumbled our way back down into Hathersage. 

Thanks again to all attendees :-) It was lovely to be our in great company.

Front Runner Run 5

Photo: Spring Chickening our way to Millstone

2015-04-14 19.23.02-1

Photo: More Spring Chickening

Front Runner Run 3

Photo: Stanage Edge


Photo: Down from Stanage Apparent North


Photo: Oh we are lucky to live where we do


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