Front Runner Headtorch Trail Run

28th October 2014

Front Runner Head Torch Run

We're going running in the dark again, come and join us!

Time & location: 

Front Runner Trail Run

We'll be leaving the car park (See map)  6:45pm. If anyone would like a lift from Front Runner there are 8 seats available, if you'd like to reserve one please drop us an email, call or you could send a message on Facebook. We'll be leaving the shop at 6:20pm.

Type of run:

This is a head torch trail run- Now that it's dark in the evenings, we would like you to bring along a head torch, without one I'm afraid you won't be able to  join us. This week we're going to be heading up onto either Stanage High Neb or if they weather is atrocious a low level run of similar length from the same car park will be on the cards but the weather is going to be great so we needn't worry. The ideal route will be up onto Stanage Edge, along the top towards High Neb, a quick whip over to Bamford Edge, along Bamford and then a scamper over to Dennis Knoll followed by a roll down into Hathersage in the cars for a drink.


Head torches are essential, if you don't have one, please ring the shop, we'll do our best to provide them but we have a limited number.

Adequate weather protection is required. If it's raining and a howling wind (yes, we'll still be going out) you'll need full body cover including gloves and a hat. Appropriate shoes are needed for the  route, expect that it may be muddy and a bit slippy underfoot, therefore a good pair of trail shoes are advised. 

Post run:

A little natter and depending on time maybe a drink at the Scotsmans Pack in Hathersage (they can frown on our lycra clad attire again :-) )

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