Lactate Threshold Testing

At Front Runner we are pleased to be able to bring lactate threshold testing to Sheffield in a shop environment:

Hopefully the brief explanation here will answer most questions you may have with regards to lactate threshold testing and how it could benefit you.

If you have any more questions or would like to book a test, please phone us in the shop, contact us through email and Facebook or come in and we'll do our very best to help.

Why us?

At Front Runner we not only have the tools to collect the necessary data but moreover the knowledge and expertise to analyse it and provide person specific feedback. We’ll arm you with the information you need to get the most out of your training in order to reach your goal. Ali has a Masters in Sport Science from Sheffield Hallam University and specialises in physiology and sports nutrition; Steve has a BSc in Sport Science and is completing his MSc in Sports Biomechanics. Between the two of them, they have provided sports science support to a plethora of individuals and teams in a wide variety of sports such as the British Weightlifting Team, a semi-professional Triathlon team, GB Orienteers and the Irish Race-walking team to name but a few.


Lactate Threshold Testing

This test is a very good indicator of running economy, by determining a persons’ lactate threshold and lactate turn point and the relating heart rate ranges, an athlete can develop their ability to maintain a higher intensity of exercise for longer. This test is most useful for the longer distance runners looking to maintain greater speed over a long period of time (5000m- marathon and beyond……)

V̇O2 max testing has long been the go to test to asses and indicate changes in an athlete’s aerobic capacity; however, more recently, studies have suggested that the blood lactate adapts to a greater degree as a response to training than V̇O2 max.

The aim of this test is to assess your aerobic capacity and moreover the exercise intensity (running velocity, heart rates, perceived exertion) at which key physiological changes occur. The detection of these turn points will allow you to ultimately improve and optimise levels of performance and maintain that improved level of performance.

From the results of the Lactate Threshold Test, we aim to outline 5 key intensity zones, these zones can be used in conjunction with your current training in order to improve its effectiveness; or can be used to develop a new training plan with our guidance.


5 Simple Steps

  1. Contact us at the shop or via Facebook, Email or Phone
    • Facebook - "Front Runner Sheffield"
    • Subject: "Lactate Threshold Testing"
    • 0114 2669591
  2. Fill in a Needs Analysis Questionnaire
    • We'll send you out a Needs Analysis document. The answers you give will help us to customise the test to your needs and direct the analysis and output to your situation.
  3. Book your test date
    • We can complete lactate threshold tests on any day of the week and are happy to do early mornings or evenings.
  4. Complete your test
    • From arriving in store to leaving usually takes around an hour. You'll be asked to complete a screening questionnaire, talked through the test and shown everything you'll need to know to be safe.
  5. Receive your Latacte Threshold Analysis
    • We always endeavour to provide the analysis as soon as possible, we ensure the results and feedback document are with you with in at least 7 days.


To be taken through the 5 Simple Steps  above -  £90. 

There is a discount for multiple tests for one person with in a 12 month period.

  • 2 tests in 12 months - £160
  • 3 tests in 12 months - £215